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Bishop Whalon

Advent Note

The really important part of Christmas is something immensely simple. Yet it eludes us, as well — perhaps because it is so simple. In his "Mass", Leonard Bernstein has a song, "A Simple Song", which says that "God loves all things/ For God is the simplest of all." The English theologian Charles Williams called Jesus Christ "The Divine Thing." A simple thing, namely, God one of us. The Reason for it all...

...After prayerfully listening to the Word read, we then hear the Word expounded in the sermon. Confronted once again with the question of faith that the Gospel puts to us, we respond with conviction, “We believe.” Only then are we ready to pray, ask for forgiveness, make peace with God and each other, and finally move to making the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. The Creed is therefore the hinge, so to speak, between the liturgy of the Word and the sacrament. As the Eucharist flows from our need...

Speaking for all our faithful, I want to express our profound disgust and contempt for the recent defilement of the Great Mosque of Paris, emblem for Islam in France. The perpetrators of these hateful words attack all — believers and non-believers — who are loyal to the principles of our Republic.

Bishop Whalon’s official, annual Pastoral Letter takes the form of an Address, a practice that he instituted six years ago. The address is delivered each year, in written form, to the delegates at Convocation’s annual Convention. Following the Convention, the Letter is made available to all of the congregations. The canon law of The Episcopal Church requires all bishops to make an annual Address to their conventions and synods to inform the church about 'episcopal acts' since the previous year's convention.

Quelles sont les origines de l’Eglise Episcopale? Où y-a-t-il des églises épiscopales en Europe? Quand l’Eglise Épiscopale s’est-elle implantée en Europe et notamment en France? Interview de Mgr Pierre Whalon, êveque en Europe.

Christmas Eve 2012, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Paris


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