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The Episcopal Church in Europe is helping refugees escaping war and persecution to find new homes in France. The Association d’Entraide aux Minorités d’Orient -- a non-profit organization set up to help the French government identify candidates eligible for asylum -- has helped to resettle more than 2,600, twice the number since this video was first published in June 2013. A.E.M.O., set up in 2007 by Bishop Pierre Whalon and Iraqi businessman Elish Yako, has largely focused on Iraqi Christian refugees. In the past two years it has also helped many Syrian minorities escaping persecution. The association meets the refugees as they enter France and assists them with integration and administrative issues.

Quelles sont les origines de l’Eglise Episcopale? Où y-a-t-il des églises épiscopales en Europe? Quand l’Eglise Épiscopale s’est-elle implantée en Europe et notamment en France? Interview de Mgr Pierre Whalon, êveque en Europe.

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