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October 2013

The Convention of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe took place at St. Paul's-Within-the-Walls, Rome, Italy, October 17-20, 2013.

Bishop Whalon’s official, annual Pastoral Letter takes the form of an Address, a practice that he instituted six years ago. The address is delivered each year, in written form, to the delegates at Convocation’s annual Convention. Following the Convention, the Letter is made available to all of the congregations. The canon law of The Episcopal Church requires all bishops to make an annual Address to their conventions and synods to inform the church about 'episcopal acts' since the previous year's convention.

'The Bibliography,' first conceived as a one-time project of the Convocation's Mission 2006 initiative, is now a Convocation institution. Each fall, the clergy are invited to submit up to five book titles to the Bibliography. A selection of these books is raffled each fall during an especially festive dinner at the annual Convocation Convention.The proceeds of this highly anticipated event support a designated ministry or mission project. The bibliography has grown significantly since its introduction in 2007; it now includes 12 pages of book recommendations. Attention Convention delegates....this year's book selection has already arrived in Rome. Don't forget to buy your raffle tickets!

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