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August 2016

[American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Paris] It is a wonderful day to be here with you. This is the day that the Lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it. I am glad in the pulpit today because we are going to hear about an extraordinary piece of literature, the letter to Hebrews. King James’ men, when they did their famous translation, called it the Letter of Paul to the Hebrews. But, it is almost most certainly not by Paul. It is written by an anonymous Christian, a Jew, writing to Jewish Christians, and it uses extraordinary metaphors written from the perspective of the Jewish people.

L'horrible meurtre du père Jacques Hameli à St. Etienne du Rouvray réouvre des plaies encore saignantes non seulement pour nous anglicans, pour les catholiques, mais pour nous tous. Alors, comment réagir? Il faut un front commun de dirigeants juifs, musulmans, et chrétiens qui affirment publiquement le message central des trois religions abrahamiques: Dieu aime l'humanité.

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