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“In the fullness of time . . .”This is a well known phrase in church circles. We hear it in scripture: “But in the fullness of time God sent his son, born of a woman”; we hear it in our liturgy: “In the fullness of time, reconcile all things in Christ, and make them new…” It speaks beyond the simple appeal to a chronological measurement. Rather, the fullness of time conveys the truth that God intimately dwells within the dynamic of the present moment. It declares an activity as much as it declares a time-frame. Those familiar with Greek lexicon will hear. . .

TEHRAN – Concluding a full three-day visit to Tehran, The Elders offered their support to the people of Iran during this period of renewed openness and dialogue. Among the issues discussed during the visit were: easing of regional tensions; the spread of extremist violence internationally; human rights; and the Syrian crisis. The Elders including Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, believe Iran should be part of the solution to the Syrian crisis.The Elders welcomed and supported the progress being made in the international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme.

Traditionally celebrated each year between 18 and 25 January (in the northern hemisphere) or at Pentecost (in the southern hemisphere), the week brings together in prayer Christians from diverse confessional backgrounds. Since 1968, the liturgical and biblical material for the annual week of prayer has been jointly coordinated by the World Council of Churches (WCC) Faith and Order Commission and by the Roman Catholic Church through the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. This year’s week of prayer materials were prepared by a group of writers led by the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism, Montréal...

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