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The Most Rev Katharine Jefferts Schori

Feast of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury and Martyr, 1489-1556. Thomas Cranmer is something of an icon for the crazy-quilt nature of Anglicanism. The collect we prayed gives thanks for the beauty of his liturgical language and notes that his death was revelatory of God’s power in human weakness. His history is a striking mix of deep theological wrestling and expedient action, both personal and political. One writer describes his journey as a move “from a champion of the faith to a compromising sycophant and vows-breaker.”[1]

Traditionally the church has talked about two kinds of martyrs – white martyrs and red ones. Red martyrs shed blood for claiming their faith, like Perpetua and Paul, or because of the challenge that they’ve offered to the principalities and powers of this world – like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Oscar Romero. White martyrs are remarkable witnesses to the way of Jesus, who give their lives sacrificially, but more often die in their beds – people like Dorothy Day...

[December 2013] Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, in her Christmas Message 2013 prays: “May you discover that humble authority born again on the edges of the world’s notice. May that royal inheritance and authority of the stable be born in you, enliven your heart, and rest on your shoulders.”

Who are we, and who is here? I would invite you to reflect for a moment and remember what God has been saying to you for a very long time: you are my be love, and in you I am well pleased.

'I'm going to talk about the kinds of mission we're engaging in and beyond the Church, and where in recent months I've been particularly asked to enter into this work. I'm going to frame this in the context of the Five marks of Mission, both as a witness to how they shape the work that my office is called to attend to.'

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