Committee on Mission Congregations

The members of the Committee on Mission Congregations are both lay and clergy, and come from the mission congregations and parishes from across the Convocation. The work of the Committee is two-fold:1) to nurture, support, encourage and equip the mission congregations of the Convocation, and 2) to consider the Convocation’s approach for future church planting.

The nurture subcommittee convenes regularly to share ideas for worship and mission and outreach activities; to relate experiences -- both positive and challenging; to find ways to work more collaboratively and creatively, and foremost; to support one another through networking and prayer. 

A second subcommittee focuses on strategic planning for future church planting.

Altogether, the Committee is learning -- from each other and from experience -- how to incorporate existing congregations into the Convocation, how best to plant new communities, and to grow in spirit and community. 

The Committee on Mission Congregations is a committee of the Convocation's Council of Advice. 

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