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A Reading List

A Reading List

'The Bibliography', first conceived as a one-time project of the Convocation's Mission 2006 initiative, is now an annual event. Convocation clergy are invited each fall to recommend up to five book titles to be added to the list. A selection of these books is then raffled during the festive Friday dinner held during the Convocation's annual fall convention. The proceeds of this highly anticipated event support a designated ministry or mission project. 

English language books, especially on topics of religion and faith, are quite a treat for Anglophones living in continental Europe. For many of our clergy though, English is not their mother tongue, so the list is diverse and includes books in other languages: French, Swedish, Flemish, and German, for example. 

So, the project continues. The first reading list, which was compiled some ten years ago, continues to grow longer. The Bibliography now has 17 pages of recommendations, including the reading lists of former clergy. These clergy members may have since been called to other, far-flung posts, but their book lists remain...a fond reminder of old friends and colleagues that spent time with us in the Convocation.