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The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe

Called To Ministry

Application Form for Licensed Ministries

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The Bishop of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe oversees the processes for becoming an ordained minister, and issues licenses for those kinds of ministry requiring oversight. Some of these processes must also conform to requirements of the Church known as Canons – that is, the guides and rules of The Episcopal Church as an entity, and as a result of the acts of the regulatory body of the Church, known as General Convention, over the years.

Two groups assist the Bishop in discharging this supervisory role. These groups consist of appointed members. They are:

COMB — Commission on Ministry of the Baptized

The role of COMB members is to oversee the actual discernment process for the ordained ministry of Priest and Deacon. For those exploring a vocation to be a Priest or Deacon, COMB journeys both with the individual and the parish/mission, providing resources for those whose job it is to assist in the discernment process i.e., clergy, discernment committee members, Vestry members, etc.

EICS — European Institute for Christian Studies

The role of EICS is to assess, facilitate and deliver the various kinds of training both for lay and ordained ministries.

For those called to a lay or ordained ministry, it is important to speak with your Priest who will enable you to explore the path of discernment. For those called to lay ministries, the Priest will communicate directly with the Bishop. For those exploring a calling to be a Priest or Deacon, COMB will be contacted

Please click here to submit your application for a licensed lay ministry online.