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The European Institute of Christian Studies

The European Institute of Christian Studies


The essential objective of any kind of Christian formation is to know God better to love him more truly, and to become more faithful disciples and effective witnesses of Christ in every area of our lives so that we may be progressively transformed by the Holy Spirit, into Christ’s image.”       
Statement of the EICS

Licensed and Ordained Ministries - Guidelines in the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe


Course and Registration may be downloaded: here
The CALL website is CALL
CALL (The Center for Anglican Learning and Leadership of the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA)
offers courses to all, taught by top professors in their field, with three terms each year. Some courses are basically repeated each year; others may vary from year-to-year. Since the Convocation has an agreement with the program, students from the Convocation get the reduced price. For licensed and ordained ministries, one or more of these courses may be required.
Registration is now open for Spring term.

CALL: an excellent opportunity for further Christian study, open to all. 
Whether you are simply interested in more in-depth study about your faith or in becoming a licensed lay minister or being ordained, CALL courses are for you. Study on your own time. There are no required zoom times; rather, students write answers to questions each week leading to interesting and often enlightening exchanges between the professor and the other students.

Summer School in Anglican Theology: Anglicanism in European Perspective, July 16-21, 2023

University of Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands

With the Anglican Centre in Rome as principal organizer, and in partnership with the Virginia Theological Seminary (Alexandria VA, USA), the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, Trinity Church Wall Street (New York), and the Utrecht Summer School, “Anglicanism in European Perspective” is intended for any student of Christian traditions, whether living or simply visiting in Europe, interested in seeing this historic Christian tradition through the lens of its centuries-long presence on the European Continent.

Europe is a distinctive arena for the Anglican tradition. It is one of few places on earth where the churches of more than one province in communion with the See of Canterbury—the sine qua non of membership in the Anglican Communion—are present as neighbors. The four Anglican churches present in Europe—the Church of England, the Episcopal Church, the Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church, and the Lusitanian Catholic Apostolic Evangelical Church—each exist for unique reasons, and have distinct histories here. And increasingly, Anglican faith communities draw worshippers from the European contexts and cultures within which they are present—offering worship services in local languages.

Serving clergy, those interested in ordination, and lay leaders of Anglican congregations in Europe are especially welcome to apply.

Registration and more information here:  ANGLICANISM IN EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE



  • Janet Day-Strehlow CHAIR (Ascension Church Munich DE),
  • The Rev. Anthony Jewiss (Alet Les Bains FR).
  • Helena Mbele-Mbong, (Emmanuel Church, Geneva CH)
  • The Rev. Scott Moore (St James' Church, Nuremberg, DE),
  • The Rev. Dan Morrow (Ascension Church, Munich DE),
  • Kaye O'Connell (Ascension Church Munich DE), 
  • The Rev. Michael Rusk (Emmanuel Church, Geneva CH), 
  • Bill Tompson, (The American Cathedral Paris FR), 
  • Bishop  Mark Edington (ex-officio),
  • Archdeacon Walter Baer (Advisor)


The European Institute of Christian Studies (EICS) is the body responsible for the formation needs of Convocation leaders. EICS supports the study, prayer, and formation that all Christians require for spiritual growth. These three areas help to build one’s knowledge of the faith to enable each of us to become more effective ministers in whatever work God calls us to do.

EICS board members are lay and clergy from around the Convocation. Members are appointed to the board by the Bishop, who is himself also a member. EICS board members typically serve on the committee for several years. 

Formation Programs

EICS has developed a number of educational and training programs. The challenge for EICS at its inception (2000) and today is how to effectively support the formation needs of people geographically dispersed across 6 countries when many do not even share the same mother tongue, culture, or haven't any previous experience or formation in the Anglican tradition! Some notable EICS-developed programs include:

  • A model for ordinand education and training that serve some of the unique needs of Convocation ordinands. The EICS coordinates closely with the Commission on the Ministry of the Baptized (COMB) to support those going through the ordination process and certifies that each ordinand has met the required standards.
  • Transformed by Stories is the Convocation's own lay formation program, developed by a team of Convocation lay and clergy. TBS invites people to explore dimensions of their own Christian journey. Using storytelling as a method of Christian discovery, EICS helps adult participants to learn to find themselves in the stories of the Bible, to become better 'Christian listeners' and to develop a stronger context and identity as a member of a community of faith. 
  • The Academy of Parish Leadership is a rolling program of five training events in support of lay leaders based in Convocation parishes and missions. The APL offers training for these leaders in areas of stewardship, church finance and governance, for those entrusted to participate in planning and teaching of Christian formation programs. One program is offered each year. Shared leadership is a call from God; the experience and input of lay leaders of the Convocation is vital to helping us to make good decisions in our work together. 


Licensed Lay Ministry

All baptized persons are called to be ministers, according to their different gifts. This ministry can be exercised in a variety of different ways among the laity and the ordained. 

Here is a link to the current guide to licensed ministries document in the Convocation: Called to Ministry 2023

DO YOU FEEL CALLED TO SERVE GOD AND THE CHURCH? Read about licensed lay ministry in The Episcopal Church.