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Spirituality Retreats and Discernment Conferences

Spirituality Retreats and Discernment Conferences


The Commission on the Ministry of the Baptized (COMB) has developed two open events to help and support people exploring the question, "What is God calling me to do?" and those in discernment regarding lay ministry or ordained ministry. The two events are: an annual discernment conference and an annual Spirituality Retreat. 

The next Spirituality Retreat is planned to be May 3-5, 2024 at the Johannesschlößl (Pallottiner Haus) in Salzburg, Austria. Registration will open in January 2024.

The next Discernment Conference will be March 1-3, 2024 at Centre Culturel Saint Thomas, 2 rue de la Carpe Haute, 67000 Strasbourg, speaker: The Revd. Mark Barwick. Booking will open after the October Convocation Convention.

What is God Calling you to do? 

The Church carries out is mission through the ministry of all its members.

BCP, p. 855, An Outline of the Faith (the Catechism)

All baptized persons are agents of God’s mission; thus, all members of the Convocation are encouraged to enter into their own process of discernment, and not just to those who might be considering ordained ministry.