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Finding God

Finding God


Finding God is impossible. We find things, we discover ideas, we make a new friend, but no one finds God. What you can find is your own self already in the presence of God. This is not essentially emotional, though it will evoke sooner or later all the panoply of feelings you are capable of. It is not something you learn or understand because God is not an idea. No idea the human mind can consider can possibly contain God. At best we can manage to create an image we call god, but it can never be more than an idol, a false god whose worship will ultimately make us less than what we are meant to be. Money, power, beauty, all the idols we make will ultimately fail us.

Caring for others will bring you very close to the real, living God, although we need to care for ourselves as well, in order to do that. We can only become truly aware of God with us when we allow ourselves to feel compassion. And when that happens, then we find that we have always been in God's presence, held by God's fierce love, and being drawn to become ever more fully alive.

All people live in the orbit of the love of God, and we seek to become more and more aware of that. We do not believe that people can do this on their own, so you are invited to meet some other people who are on the way to find God, God with us.