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Finance Committee

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee

According to its charter, the Finance Committee:

  • Assists the bishop in the discharge of his or her responsibility to prepare the proposed annual budget of the Convocation, taking into view the mission priorities of the Convocation, resolutions of Convention, and financial and economic considerations that may affect the Convocation and its Congregations.
  • Reviews and make recommendations on the annual grant and budget applications of the Convocation’s congregations, committees and commissions.
  • Advises the treasurer and/or assistant treasurer as they may request in the course of the year on any financial matters arising.
  • Receives regular, quarterly reports on the financial situation of the Convocation as well as a copy of the annual audit report.
  • Reviews the financial section (Part II: Operating Income and Audited Financial Statement) of the Diocesan Report.
  • Maintains an accurate and accessible record of all Convention resolutions and policies approved by the Council of Advice touching on the preparation of the budget, investment of Convocation assets or expenditure of its resources.

Members of the Finance Committee  

  • The Rt. Rev. Mark D.W. Edington - Bishop
  • Denis Le Moullac - Treasurer (Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Paris)
  • Helena Mbele-Mbong - Assistant Treasurer, (Emmanuel Church, Geneva)
  • The Rev. Michael Rusk - Council of Advice representative (Emmanuel Church, Geneva)
  • Martin Schaeffer (Church of the Ascension, Munich)

The Charter of the Finance Committee can be found here