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Climate and Creation Care

Climate and Creation Care


approved by the 2021 Convocation Convention

In Jesus, God so loved the whole world. We follow Jesus, so we love the world God loves. Concerned about the global climate emergency, drawing from a range of approaches for our diverse contexts, we commit to form and restore loving, liberating, life-giving relationships with all of Creation.

LOVING FORMATION: For God’s sake, we will grow our love for the Earth and all of life through preaching, teaching, storytelling and prayer.

  • We will work to tell our own story, using social media (#EpiscopalCreation) and story-sharing resources
  • We will explore online formation and learning opportunities, and support youth involvement in these activities
  • We will participate in the World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation on September 1 of each year
  • We will commend to our worship leaders the use of online creation resources for preaching and liturgy
  • We will organize pilgrimages and hands-on engagement with nature

 LIBERATING ADVOCACY: For God’s sake, standing alongside marginalized, vulnerable peoples, we will advocate and act to repair Creation and seek the liberation and flourishing of all people.

  • We will encourage and facilitate the use of carbon trackers in all of our worship communities and in the places where our members make choices about energy use
  • We will perform energy audits and set energy consumption goals in our communities
  • We will reduce energy consumption and waste, put in place programs to recycle what we can, and advocate for access to recycling in our communities
  • We will use carbon offsets for Convocation travel
  • We will responsibly steward ministry-owned lands

 LIFE-GIVING CONSERVATION: For God’s sake, we will adopt practical ways of reducing our climate impact and living more humbly and gently on Earth as individuals, households, congregations, institutions and dioceses.

  • We call on the European Institute of Christian Studies to search out and share resources for learning more about environmental racism, eco- and environmental justice
  • We will work to support developing societies find a path toward a just transition to sustainable economic development, and to build global climate resilience with partner groups


Task Force Summary Report 2020

Live at Convention 2020

Resources for Churches


Ministry INitiative MEMBERS

Stephen Squire (Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, Paris, Chair)
Susan Pinnells (St. Augustine, Wiesbaden)
Thomas Müller (Santa Maria a Ferrano)
Anita Urassa (Emmanuel Church, Geneva)
Monica Müeller Romer (Church of the Ascension, Munich)
The Rev. Michael Rusk (Emmanuel Church, Geneva)