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The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe

Called To Ministry

Eucharistic Minister

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Section 2G:  Eucharistic Minister

A Eucharistic Minister is a lay person authorized to administer the Consecrated Elements at a Celebration of Holy Eucharist. A Eucharistic Minister acts under the direction of a Deacon, if any, or otherwise, the Member of the Clergy or other leader exercising oversight of the congregation or other community of faith.

The Eucharistic Minister is a confirmed communicant in good standing functioning with permission of the Bishop and under the direction of the congregation’s Priest-in- Charge. Once licensed, the Eucharistic Minister functions solely at the discretion of the Priest-in-Charge and, if possible, under the supervision of the Deacon, and is licensed to assist with the distribution of communion during the Holy Eucharist. The license is only valid for the congregation in which the Eucharistic Minister is a member at the time of licensing. The Eucharistic Minister will receive annual training and review under the direction of the Priest-in-Charge.


The applicant for Eucharistic Minister will be trained and found competent to the Priest-in-Charge’s satisfaction in the following areas:

  • Understanding the service of Holy Eucharist
  • Understanding the names and uses of altar vessels and linens and of liturgical space
  • Ability to administer the Consecrated Elements
  • Sensitivity to people with special needs
  • Completion of clergy- or lay-led practice sessions
  • Participation in an instructed Holy Eucharist led by clergy
  • Safeguarding God’s Children
  • Anti-Racism Training

Suggested Coursework

EICS will provide a workshop. Training may be offered by a priest or deacon.


The Priest-in-Charge shall request renewal of the Eucharistic Minister’s license every three years. The license can be revoked by the Bishop at any time upon request of the Priest-in-Charge.


The Priest-in-Charge will maintain documentation for the Eucharistic Minister that shall contain the following:

  • Training, examination and competency in the areas listed above in “Training”. This could be in the form of dates for training sessions held, sign in sheets for training sessions, documentation of confirmation.
  • A copy of the application sent to the Bishop by the Priest-in-Charge
  • A copy of the certificate from the Bishop licensing the person to be a Eucharistic Minister.

Documentation of licensing of Eucharistic Ministers will be maintained and displayed in the parish.

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