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The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe

Messages from Bishop Mark

A Pastoral Message for—and from—the church in Europe

Posted by The Rt. Rev. Mark D. W. Edington on

You might wonder why a church in Europe would have anything to say about what has been happening in America these past days.   In part, the answer to that question is simple; we are the European members of a church that has its origins, and its home, in America. We are the Episcopal...

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An American Pastor Goes to Washington

Posted by The Rt. Rev. Mark D. W. Edington on

Published 13 January 2021 in Le Monde, under "Aux Etats Unis, les personnes qui affichent des croyances religieuses ne sont pas exclues de la vie publique." Full text en français available here.   Raphael Warnock’s election to the United States Senate is remarkable for many...

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Tags: religious freedom, religion and politics, läicité, laicite, american politics, faith in the public square, french politics, separation of state and religion