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The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe


Template for Creating Application Draft

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Template for Preparing the Application (1 of 4)

Before and while drafting your responses, please be sure to review the complete Grant Guidelines as well as the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), always available for your reference at tec-europe.org/welcomegrant.

 Full Text of Application Form


Project Contacts & Basic Information 

First (Given) Name of Applicant:                                                         

Last (Family) Name of Applicant:                                                         

Email Address of Applicant:                                                      @                          .                             

  • Check here if someone other than you will be responsible for grant administration.

The person responsible for grant administration is:                                                                                      

The email address of the person responsible for grant administration is:                                            @                          .          

Our congregation is a part of:

  • The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
  • Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe, Church of England
  • The Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church (Spain)
  • The Lusitanian Catholic Apostolic Evangelical Church (Portugal)
  • The Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht

The name of my parish or mission congregation is:                                                                                                                

The title of our proposed grant project is:                                                                                                                                      

The amount we are requesting, in Euros, is: €                                                                       

Project Start Date:                       /                           /                          

Project End Date:                         /                           /                          


Project Information

1. The project we propose will provide (check all that apply):

  • Material aid
  • Education
  • Vocational training
  • Employability / Workplace readiness
  • Therapeutic support
  • Legal support
  • Housing
  • Other (please answer briefly below:)

2. Please provide a brief description of your project. 600 words or less, please.


3. What are your goals for this project in the funding period, and beyond the end of funding?
Will this project have a life beyond the funding you are requesting here? What plans do you have for sustaining the project, or seeking funding from additional sources? 600 words or less, please.


4. How have you engaged the community of people you hope to serve in the development of your initiative?
How have their voices been heard, and their views taken into account? What have you learned about the population of refugees and asylum-seekers in your community through your collection of information, and what needs have you identified? 600 words or less, please.


5. What is the estimated reach of your project?
How many individuals or families do you feel you will serve, or impact? What criteria have you developed for distributing the resources you will receive among those you’ve identified as your primary audience? 600 words or less, please.


Partnerships & Project Monitoring

6. What existing assets do you bring to the work of this initiative?
In answering this question you will find helpful the exercise of exploring the asset mapping exercise provided by Episcopal Relief and Development. In particular, the Committee is interested to know (a) how can you use or repurpose the assets available to you—building, people, neighborhood, relationships, etc.—to support this initiative, and (b) who are your potential partners in this work—especially ecumenical partners? 600 words or less, please.


  • Check here if you have completed the asset mapping exercise provided by Episcopal Relief and Development


7. What is the change you hope to bring about with this initiative?
What is your theory of change that relates the proposal you have written to the change you hope will come about? 600 words or less, please.


8. What plans have you made for assessing the initiative you’ve designed?
How will you decide what is and isn’t working, and what systems have you put in place to adjust and change the initiative as needed? 600 words or less, please.


The Sponsoring Community

9. How does your work on this initiative help your congregation to answer to its sense of God’s call in mission?
Who from your congregation will be involved, and how will the work change both them and the whole community? 600 words or less, please.


10. Is there anything else you’d like to make sure the committee knows about your proposal or your community?
600 words or less, please.


Supporting Documents


Itemized Budget

An itemized budget, showing what resources you plan to bring to this initiative (both from the requested grant and other sources) and how you plan to spend them. Please upload your completed budget in PDF format, using ONLY the Budget Template spreadsheet available from tec-europe.org/welcomegrant. Uploaded file cannot exceed 10 MB.

Click Here to Access the Budget Template (2 of 4)


Bishop's Support Letter

A letter of support from the bishop with responsibility for your congregation, if your congregation is NOT a member of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe. Please upload the letter in PDF format. You may wish to use the template letter, available from tec-europe.org/welcomegrant. Uploaded file cannot exceed 10 MB.

Click Here to Access the Bishop's Support Letter Template (4 of 4)


Other Letters of Support (optional)

Other letters from potential partners in this work, if available. Please upload the letters in PDF format. Uploaded files cannot exceed 10 MB.


ERD Asset Mapping Worksheet (optional)

Please upload your completed asset map in PDF format, using ONLY the Episcopal Relief and Development Template document, available from tec-europe.org/welcomegrant. Uploaded file cannot exceed 10 MB.

Click Here to Access the Asset Mapping Template (3 of 4)


Official Application Form

When you are ready to submit your answers and upload your supporting documents, the form is located here:

Submit Application

 Download or Copy Template

For your convenience, we have created an editable file for collecting your application data in one place.

Google Doc Template Microsoft Word Template
To make a copy in your own Google Docs, open the File menu and click on Make a copy. To download a .docx file of this template, open the File menu, hover over Download >, and click on Microsoft Word (.docx)


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