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The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe


Template for Itemized Budget

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Template for Itemized Budget (2 of 4)

Before and while drafting your responses, please be sure to review the complete Grant Guidelines as well as the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), always available for your reference at tec-europe.org/welcomegrant.


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Template Preview

GENERAL Budget Instructions

Tailor this budget document as needed (i.e. add or remove budget lines and sections as needed)

The currency indicated in the budget must be listed in Euros.

All text marked between asterisks -- *text* -- indicates what should be input in this space. All asterisks must be removed before submission.

Please make sure that your budget aligns with the funding period (Project Start and End Dates) as indicated in the project application.



Delete empty budget lines and sections before submission.

Format cells to remove unnecessary spacing.

Make sure all formulas are correct!! If you delete or add lines/sections, be sure that the formulas are including these.

Delete the 'GENERAL/ FORMATTING AND SUBMISSION' table before converting to PDF.

Save, Export, or Print your spreadsheet as PDF Document  -- make sure no text is cut off and that the file is only one page wide.

Name this PDF "Congregation_ProjectTitle_Budget"

  • "Congregation" is the name of your congregation, followed by an underscore.
  • "ProjectTitle" is the name of your Project/Initiative, followed by an underscore.
  • "Budget" indicates that it is the finance plan referring to your project proposal.

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