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The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe


Welcome Grant Overview

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Grant Guidelines for 2024-2025


In response to the refugee crisis occasioned by the war in Ukraine, the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe has received grant support from Episcopal Relief and Development—the humanitarian agency of the Episcopal Church—as well as contributions from a number of generous individuals, parishes, and dioceses in the broader church. These funds have been set aside in a separate account by the Convocation, with a view to providing both the means and the encouragement for strengthening the ability of all Anglican congregations in Europe to understand more deeply, and to respond more resourcefully, to the needs of all refugees in the communities they serve.

While most of our congregations exist in places where public agencies provide considerable support to refugee populations, there is always something the church is uniquely able to contribute as a companion to, and community for, refugees in our midst. The compassion to which we are called as followers of Christ can take many forms—whether it is providing resources for community-building and mutual assistance, offering educational resources such as language teaching or familiarization programs, or simply providing pastoral care to those who have been traumatized, who have lost homes and families, and who often are vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking.

Grant support is now available for Welcoming and Walking with Refugees via an online process of application and documentation, offered at tec-europe.org/welcomegrant

Online Materials Packet

All the material and the online forms which are needed to submit a project proposal or a report are on the Convocation website and can be accessed through the links below.

Application Template: Budget Template (to upload): Asset Mapping Template (to upload): Bishop's Letter Template (to upload):
Draft Application Complete Budget Inventory Assets Secure Support
Official Application Form: Grant Guidelines: Grant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Grant Implementation & Reporting:
Submit Application Understand Process Get Help File ReportS

Please click the link below to access valuable training resources.  We have compiled a series of PowerPoint slides that provide crucial information and guidance for volunteers and staff working with vulnerable groups.  While many churches have robust safeguarding training programs, these materials can serve to supplement existing protocols or inspire the development of new, tailored training programs specifically for projects under the "Welcoming and Walking with Refugees" program.

Download the Safeguarding Material here