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The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe


Template for Asset Mapping Worksheet

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Asset Mapping Template (3 of 4)

 This image, courtesy of Episcopal Relief and Development, is simply a starting point to prompt the brainstorming and collection of as many existing resources available within your community as possible.

 Download or Copy Template

For your convenience, we have translated the image above into an editable document. This worksheet is meant to provide an initial frame to prompt your brainstorming. Please feel free to add, modify, or delete items from the lists under each of the six major categories. Under each item, simply record in your own words how that person, place, group, or idea may be able to engage, support, extend, or enhance your current project.

Google Doc Template Microsoft Word Template
To make a copy in your own Google Docs, open the File menu and click on Make a copy. To download a .docx file of this template, open the File menu, hover over Download >, and click on Microsoft Word (.docx)
Further Support

For a more thorough and guided process for doing this exercise in your congregation (or interest group within your congregation), you may also wish to utilize the following chapter from The Power of Asset Mapping: How Your Congregation Can Act on Its Gifts by Luther K. Snow:

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