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Calls for prayer, solidarity with the church in Ecuador

Posted by Episcopal News Service on

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and Episcopalians from across the church called for prayer and solidarity with the Episcopal dioceses of Ecuador Litoral and Ecuador Central and the people of Ecuador who still are trying to assess the loss and damages caused by a devastating earthquake that struck the South American nation Saturday, April 16. “Please know that your brothers and sisters throughout the Episcopal Church are praying for you. We will be with you during this time and in the days ...

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Food For The Soul

Trinity Sunday 2016

There is an old story about the Trinity that goes like this. There was a man who never came to church except on Trinity Sunday. Finally, the head usher approached him and asked him why the parish only saw him on Trinity Sunday. What it for work reasons? “No,” he replied. “Family issues, perhaps?” said the usher. “No, nothing like that.” “Well, what then?” “I like to come to hear how the rector will try to explain the Trinity one more time.” Well, today your Rector is off the hook. The Bishop will now explain the Trinity to you. But first, think about quantum physics. The Danish physicist who threw down the bases for it said, “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum physics does not understand it.” If quantum physics is so hard to understand, which is only about atoms and their components, why should we be surprised that the nature of God is not understood?

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