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The Children and Youth Commission

The Children and Youth Commission

Tentative Timeline

3 September 2020: Submission of Report to Council of Advice
24 October 2020: Presentation of Report at Annual Convention

>>> November 2020: Appointment of Commission Members by the Bishop <<<

December 2020: Recruitment for Children & Youth Coordinator Position
December 2020: Communication of Report and Resolutions
February 2021: Submission of Action Plan to Council of Advice 

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Convention 2020 Resolutions

Resolution 2020–15:
We amended Canon 5 of the Canons of the Convocation, so that the existing  Youth Commission has been modified to embrace children’s ministry and create a Children and Youth Commission. The Commission will be responsible for Children, Youth and Young Adult ministries (ages 3-29).

Resolution 2020–16:
We resolve to implement the recommendations of the report of the Task Force on Ministry to Children and Youth, specifically:

  1. That this Convention require that the Children and Youth Commission use their best efforts to implement the recommendations in the Report from Task Force on Ministry to Youth and Children:
    1. Recommended Strategies for Education and Information: 
      1. Compile a central web resource and curricula list for children and youth ministry materials
      2. Create a network to share best practices among leaders of the Convocation
      3. Create an APL for Children's Ministry in collaboration with EICS
      4. Redesign the Youth Leaders Training Workshop
      5. Promote the use of online tools for meetings
        1. online Vacation Bible School in Summer
        2. shared Sunday School and Bible study activities
      6. Match partners among CECE parishes and missions for resource and idea sharing
    2. Recommended Strategies for Worship and Practice:
      1. Develop a Worship and Practice Workshop for parish leaders
      2. Encourage parishes to offer intentionally inclusive worship practices
      3. Create engaging practices for children and youth based on the work of other Task Forces
      4. Adapt and redesign Juniors Across Europe and Youth Across Europe events
  2. That the Convocation and all parishes and missions adopt the Faith Formation strategy, as proposed by The Episcopal Church, which recognizes the two-prong importance of education and worship in the faith journey of a young person; and be it further resolved,
  3. That this Convention welcome the creation of a paid staff position for a Convocation Children and Youth Ministry Coordinator as provided for in the proposed Convocation budget for 2021.


Task Force Video Report

Task Force Session at 2020 Convention

Task Force Written Report

 Read the full Task Force report as it was shared with Convention Delegates and Guests by clicking here:

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Task Force Membership

Joyce Chanay (co-chair, Paris)
Caireen Stewart (co-chair, Church of England, Rome)
Meghan Bresson (Geneva)
Seth Hinkley (Paris)
The Rev. Katie Osweiler (Waterloo)
The Rev. Scott Moore (Nürnberg and Thuringia)
Sabrina Poeppel (Augsburg)
Marc Smets-Tolley (Waterloo)
The Rev. Chris Easthill (Wiesbaden, Liaison to Council of Advice)

2019-2020 Youth Commission Membership

The Rev. Scott Moore
The Rev. Katie Osweiler
Caireen Stewart
Seth Hinkley