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Racism, Reconciliation, and Beloved Community

Racism, Reconciliation, and Beloved Community

Our Covenant Notre Alliance il nostro patto 

Becoming Beloved Community

Becoming Beloved Community is the Episcopal Church’s Long-Term Commitment to Racial Healing, Reconciliation, and Justice” (BBC). This vision document and related resources invite Episcopalians to approach the lifelong journey of racial healing as if walking a labyrinth that moves through four quadrants:

  • Telling the Truth about the Church and Race
  • Proclaiming the Dream of Beloved Community
  • Practicing Jesus’ Way of Healing Love
  • Repairing the Breach in Society and Institutions
2020 Convention Educational Sessions Playlist

Playlist Contents:

Video Summary: Work Done by the Task Force, 2019-2020
Opening Remarks & Prayers
Dismantling Superiority, Keynote Address by Dr. Catherine Meeks
A Covenant for Dismantling Racism, Advancing Racial Justice and Building Beloved Community in Europe
Who We Are Survey Introduction
Question and Answer Panel with The Rev. Yejide Peters, Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher, and Dr. Michaël Privot
Rooting Out Racism: Keynote Address by The Rt. Rev. Deon Johnson
Closing Remarks & Prayer
Morning Prayer Homily by The Rev. Stephen McPeek

Our Covenant

Click here to read the text of the Covenant (downloadable PDF)

Current Task Force Membership

David Case (Munich, chair),
Stephen McPeek (Frankfurt),
Haswell Beni (Florence),
Stéphanie Burette (Durham),
Allison Glasgow-Lafontaine (Paris),
Xolelwa Mlumbi-Peter (Geneva),
Scholastique Nsambipa (Mons),
Mary Haddad (Paris, Liaison to Council of Advice)