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Academy for Parish Leadership

Academy for Parish Leadership

Equipping the saints for the work of ministry; Building up the Body of Christ

The Academy for Parish Leadership is a project of The European Institute of Christian Studies. Through APL, the Convocation seeks to deliver quality education to support lay leaders in all manner of leadership issues. 

Gracious Leadership: APL 2021 Held Online

Developing an Understanding and Vision of Shared Leadership
Addressing Congregation and Convocation Mission and Identity


This APL is aimed at all in the Convocation who want to further their understanding and vision of shared leadership, as well as addressing congregation and convocation mission and identity.


Session 1: Friday 18 June 19.00-21.00
Session 2: Saturday 19 June 15.00-19.00
Session 3: Friday 25 June 19.00-21.00
Session 4: Saturday 26 June 15.00-19.00



The Convocation is a particular part of the body of Christ in Europe. We are at a turning point. To prepare us for the times ahead we are called to listen intentionally and intensively to discern God's guidance for us, so that we can better participate in God's mission.

With that in mind, our goals this year are to:

  • learn gracious leadership skills to empower ministries, especially for discerning truth and building relationships through the art of listening;
  • capture and share learnings from 2020 – invention, innovation and discovery – and discern how to “go back to church” in the post-pandemic context; 
  • foster relational, spiritual and physical wellness, individually and communally; and
  • gain clarity of identities for our communities as they relate to one another and as part of the Convocation.


We will not be passively listening to lectures; much of the time will be devoted to interactive activities and small group conversations.

 In order to enhance our experience together and make our learning more practical and contextual, we invite you to do some pre-work beforehand:

  • view 2 short videos,
  • write a “love letter” to the Convocation, and
  • invite 5-10 congregation members to write love letters to your church.

Once you register, we will provide you the template for the “love letter” and links to the videos. 

Our facilitators will be the Rev. Dr. Eric H. F. Law and the Rev. Bill Cruse from the Kaleidoscope Institute for Diverse and Sustainable Communities (www.kscopeinstitute.org). The models and concepts they will share at the Academy, especially “Holy Currencies” and “Grace Margin,” have been embraced successfully by church communities across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. (To learn more, see the many books by Eric H. F. Law, especially Holy Currencies and Inclusion: Making Room for Grace.)

Registration will close 17 June 2021. 



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Licensed Lay Ministry

All baptized persons are called to be ministers, according to their different gifts.

This ministry can be exercised in a variety of different ways among the laity and the ordained. Working together with the Commission on the Ministry of the Baptized, the European Institute of Christian Studies provides training and formation for the empowerment of all ministers, whether they are lay or ordained.

Do you feel called to serve God and the Church? Click here to read more about licensed lay ministry in The Episcopal Church.