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Commission on the Ministry of the Baptized

Commission on the Ministry of the Baptized


What is God Calling you to do?

The Commission on the Ministry of the Baptized (COMB) is a body of lay and ordained people who are appointed by the bishop to help people in the Convocation to discern their call to ministry. Discernment involves prayer and discussion with others, as one seeks to discover and confirm the specific ministry to which God is calling them.

Through whom does the Church carry out its mission?

The Church carries out is mission through the ministry of all its members.

BCP, p. 855, An Outline of the Faith (the Catechism)

All baptized persons are agents of God’s mission; thus, all members of the Convocation are encouraged to enter into their own process of discernment, and not just to those who might be considering ordained ministry. 

Ministry in Daily Life

When the term 'ministry' is used in the context of the Church, people often think of being ordained as a priest or deacon. However, the vast majority of ministries in the life of the Church, and in the world, are those of the laity. Still, others may feel called to a licensed ministry, such as a Pastoral Leader, or Eucharistic Minister, or Catechist.

COMB has developed two annual, open events to help and support people in these processes: to explore the question, "What is God calling me to do?" and to support those in discernment regarding lay ministry or ordained ministry:

  • Discernment Conferences; This conference normally takes place in the fall of the year.
  • Spirituality Retreats; The retreat is normally scheduled in the spring of the year. 

For those who feel called to ordained ministry, once having gone through a period of discernment, and having secured the support of their home parish, COMB, together with the Bishop, is responsible for overseeing priestly formation.

Read more about your call to Ministry in God's Church and the work of the Commission on the Ministry of the Baptized in 'I will, with God's help': Your Call to Ministry in God's Church'.

Here is a link to the current guide to licensed ministries document in the Convocation: Called to Ministry Part I 2022 

Members of the
Commission on the Ministry of the Baptized (COMB)

The Rev. Dr. Alison J Gray
Ascension, Munich DE

The Rev. Richard Easterling
St. James, Florence IT

The Rev. Canon Nathaniel Katz
Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Paris FR

Mr. Samuel Mbele-Mbong
Emmanuel, Geneva CH

Ms. Monica Sharp
St. James, Florence IT

Dr. Jes Villa
Ascension, Munich DE